Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Engadget's List of iPhone Disappointments, from Real Testers

  1. The keyboard was simply described as "disappointing". Keyboarding with two thumbs often registers multiple key presses (two or three at a time) resulting in a lot of mistakes. The best way to type is with a single finger (as shown in most of Apple's demos), but two thumbs is supposedly very difficult. After trying it for a number of days our source gave up using their thumbs.

  2. The text auto-correction only works well for simple words, but doesn't work for proper names. We can only assume this bit will get better with time as Apple fills out its predictive text dictionary.

  3. ....

Read the complete article here at Engadget. Unlike the previous posts, this one is serious and is worth the time reading before you decide to get the first release of iPhone.

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