Friday, July 27, 2007

iPhone Europe (Finally) Confirmed, Here's a Quick Recap

  • Will be available by Q4 of 2007 which is December, very likely.

  • Apple will release them to a select few countries (UK, France, Germany?)

  • Apple will work with more than one carriers to bring iPhone in Europe.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Vodafone Concerned with No 3G in iPhone

Hm, how do I put this. Pretty much everyone pre-iPhone release was wondering whether the puny EDGE connection is good enough. Nevertheless, once everyone get a hold of their own iPhone, the complaints were quickly replaced by awe and joy.

So, I don't see why Vodafone is concerned that the current iPhone does not work in 3G. That's like getting themselves away from a deal with Apple, I think.

Here's the full scope at

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Rumor: iPhone UK in September?

Another day, another rumor, and today PC World supplies us with another dose of iPhone UK news: Sources close to Apple informed PC Advisor about stuff that, in the end, can be deducted that the Apple iPhone handset will be available in UK by September. Well, logically, there's no handset without a phone, right?

Here's the full scoop at PC World.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

iPhone in Europe will Stay on EDGE as Well

After a couple slow days on the iPhone outside the USA news front, here's a small scoop from Computerworld. It is said that, according to an analyst from Italy, the first European batch of iPhones will be on EDGE. This dismisses previous rumors that the iPhone will be 3G at day one in Europe.

The full scoop is available at

Sunday, July 8, 2007

iPhone Unlocking Software to be Ready Soon?

Uniquephones, an UK based company, has mentioned that they already have 75% of the iPhone unlocked. They are going to complete it and sold the software for about 50 pounds.

It is pretty interesting to notice that according to the US Copyright Office, consumers are allowed to unlock their phones so it can be used with other carriers. We still don't know how Apple would react to this, though.

Here is the full scope at

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Hackers might Ruin iPhone's Market in Asia?

After a slew of European iPhone news, releases an article questioning whether hackers might hurt Apple's iPhone deals, especiallyin Asia.

We know that hackers has been able to get some iPhone features to work without AT&T activation. Browser and iTunes work on WiFi, and it is predicted that hackers might even be able to get VoIP calls done with WiFi as well.

They mentioned that it is usual in China and other parts of Asia that they might modify iPhone to get it working there without having to obey to Apple's deal. Could this bring trouble for Apple in the foreseeable future?

Here's the full scoop at

Just What is Wrong With All This European Deal? Times Online's Confirmation is Wrong?

I just blogged about the confirmation that O2 had sealed a deal with Apple to bring iPhone to UK. But just now I read from The Register that everything is just speculation!

The idea that any UK network operator has agreed a launch date, and retail price, for the iPhone is pure fantasy. Such things won't be sorted out until much closer to any launch, and will depend on market conditions at that time, but it's much more fun to speculate and if you can report such details as fact (as some news services have done) then all the better.

How crazy! I don't know anymore. I'll keep you all posted, though. Here is the full scoop at The Register.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Confirmed: O2 to Bring iPhone in United Kingdom

Times Online UK reported that O2 has won against rival (including Vodafone) to seal the deal with Apple to bring iPhone to the UK. The phone is scheduled to be released in Christmas this year. It's good to mention that the phone is expected to be sold at £ 300. Would be interesting to see how it would fare, since I heard that most phones are given away free there, tied with services provided.

I am sure iPhone would sell tons like it would in the US, though.

Here's the confirming news from Times Online.

Prediction: Apple's Future in Europe Might not be Bright

International Herald Tribune releases an article about a Berlin-based mobile phone consultant who flew to the US and acquire an iPhone. He returned and showed the phone to his clients, which then revealed this finding: those interested with iPhones are those into graphics or real Apple freaks. Mostly the same group of people, mostly, I should say.

The difficulty to write SMS, no push email, no Outlook sync, and lack of 3G are some of the top reasons why iPhone might not succeed in Europe as much as in the US.

Read the full story at International Herald Tribune

Thursday, July 5, 2007

iPhone UK=O2, iPhone France=Orange?

Just got the news from regarding the whole iPhone-in-Europe speculation. Yesterday we heard about the Apple and T-Mobile deal for Germany. Yesterday post also mention that Vodafone will be the one for UK and Deutsche Telekom for France.

However, today's news from reveals another speculation that O2 is the one closest to bringing iPhone in UK, while Orange is predictd to sell iPhone in France. The phone is scheduled to be released in December 25.

Here is the complete scoop at

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Apple goes with T-Mobile to bring iPhone in Germany

T-Mobile is expected to sell Apple iPhone for about 450 euros ($612) in Germany. The full-scoop is available from Reuters, which gets its source from Rheinische Post.

There is no news update on other parts of Europe, but it is believed that the potentials would be Vodafone in Briain, Deutsche Telekom in France, and Telefonica in Spain.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

How to Make the Non-Phone Feature of iPhone Works Outside USA!

Finally, someone found out a trick to do it. Here's an excerpt:

But here’s the loophole: iTunes then asks if you wish to get a prepaid account. Ka-ching!

He promptly cajoles his US-based sister to let him use her US debit card to get the account and some pre-paid minutes (which cost him all of US$30), upon which the phone is, of course, activated.

Everything worked – internet surfing, email, photos and movies, ipod stuff – except the phone part (duh).

The full article as available here at Macadoodle. This sounds pretty great. I'm not sure how many of you would like to own a $600 WiFi-enabled iPhone, but that's a great hack nevertheless.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Another iPhone Contest from Things You Should Do

Here is another contest with an Apple iPhone as the prize. It's not that hard to join this competition,

You write a post on your website about some great place you think belongs on the Things You Should Do list. You email me the link to your post to enter the contest.

You should be a US resident, as usual.

The Apple Phone Show have 1 iPhone to Give Away

And they're holding a contest, of course. All you have to do is link to them from your home page, and you can enter the drawings where you can get 1 8GB iPhone (provided you're lucky enough of course!).

The competition is for US resident only, but it's probably a good thing to know.

The iPhone contest from Apple Phone Show can be read here.

Snatch 5 Available iPhones from Jason Calacanis!

It's going to be a Mahalo contest, but they haven't decided yet what contest it would be. This is pretty much the contest with the biggest count of iPhone to give away, so if you want this phone for free you're best to keep an eye on the future Mahalo iPhone contest.

Win an iPhone from!

Viddler is giving away two 8GB iPhones in their latest contest here.

Anyone submitting a MeToday video, in hopes of getting an iPhone, should read our full contest rules. Before being awarded an iPhone, you will be asked if you read the latest copy of the rules. We’re just covering our butts here, mmmkay?

Oh, and the contest rules are here.